Ủy thác (trust) là gì? một số dịch vụ ủy thác cơ bản

to believe that someone is good and honest and will not harm you, or that something is safe & reliable:

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a legal arrangement in which a person or organization controls property and/or money for another person or organization:
Under the terms of the trust he receives interest on the money, but he cannot get at the money itself.
The money that her father left her is being held/kept in trust (= being controlled) for her until she"s 30.

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a legal arrangement in which a person or organization controls property or money for the benefit of another person or organization:
A trust is also a group of people or organizations that controls property or money for its own benefit, or the property or money controlled by the group:
a legal arrangement in which you give a person or organization the right to manage money or property for a particular person or group of people that you have chosen lớn receive the money:
an arrangement between two or more companies lớn work together illegally, for example lớn control prices:
People would like to know who"s talking khổng lồ them, if they should trust them, và if they should act upon what they say.
The best way to earn trust from your board is not lớn tell us what"s going well; it"s to lớn tell us what"s not going well.
For all of us it was just about allowing ourselves to lớn put our trust in somebody else"s chất lượng process.
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Second, the observation that attuned musical responsiveness was essential khổng lồ the children"s exchanges suggests that teachers need lớn establish an atmosphere of trust and empathy.

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That shows that there is no betrayal of trust on the ground that the administration may suffer in efficiency.
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