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If something travels well/badly, it does/does not stay in good condition if it is moved long distances:

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< I > infml We were doing 70 miles an hour, so the guy who whizzed past us must have really been traveling (= going very fast).
The ability to travel easily in and out of the region is a significant factor for professionals doing business here.
Due to the increasing costs of travelling abroad, more Americans are choosing lớn stay closer to trang chủ during their vacation.

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travel around/across/through somewhere Riding a bike is often the most efficient way khổng lồ travel around big cities
travel the world/the country/the state She has travelled the world in her work as foreign correspondent.
the activity of going from one place khổng lồ another, especially over a long distance, in a plane, train, car, etc.,:
A survey revealed that federal employees were routinely abusing rules regarding business-class travel.
travel on/in sth Purchase of a smart thẻ entitles you lớn three days" unlimited travel on the Metro, buses, and trams.

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travel to/from/between somewhere The Chairman has a constant round of meetings, involving travel to lớn Western Europe and throughout the UK.
As a result, we chose khổng lồ include only travelling latent individuals who are expected to lớn enter the prodromal period at their destination.
A detonation wave has traveled lớn the right and it is in the process of collapsing the liner, which is shown in the figure.
Along with the harsh conditions in the southern and western circuits, the distance justices traveled in those circuits could itself be grueling.
Females, by contrast, stayed away from the roost throughout the night, irrespective of the foraging distance they travelled.
Transportation costs included the expenses incurred by traveling to và from the healthcare delivery site.
When travelling by kayak, all wildlife was recorded while transiting between known departure and arrival locations.
The oscillator beam passes an optical isolation, which prevents imperfectly polarized back traveling parts of the beam from entering the oscillator.