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"Maravillosa Jugada", translated as "Outstanding Move", is a reaction image macro often used as khổng lồ express a genuine or, in some cases, sarcastic response khổng lồ a well-executed (or poorly executed, if the meme is used sarcastically) plan. The phrase is usually quoted as a caption in an image featuring a man gesturing towards a chessboard diagram.

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The image used in this reaction originates from a đoạn clip in an article posted on the Spanish news outlet ElPais.com, "La jugada mágica de Bogolyúbov" or "The magical play of Bogolyúbov," which was posted on February 27th, 2017.<1> The article recalls a chess match between chess grandmasters Ludwig Rellstab và Yéfim Bogolyúbov in 1940. In the video clip attached khổng lồ the article, a man named Leontxo García, who hosts a video clip series on chess for El Pais, uses a chessboard diagram to lớn re-enact the chess match. At one point in the video, the García declares a particular move by Bogolyúbov "marivillosa" ("outstanding"). The video attached to lớn the article was uploaded on El Pais"s official YouTube channel on March 4th, 2017.<2> Within two years, the video has received more than 140,000 views (shown below).

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Following the post, various image macros featuring a screenshot of García from his various videos. On May 8th, 2017, Memedroid<4> user MariLozan55 shared a variation made by Momos Corp (shown below, left). The post received more than 3,600 votes (94% upvoted). The following month, on June 5th, the image was shared by Facebook <5> user LaGuiaDelVaron. The post received more than 24,000 reactions, 250 comments and 4,000 shares in a year và a half.

On May 12th, 2017, Instagram <6> user
chispezachilena posted variation. The post received more than 10,000 likes in less than two years (shown below, center).

The following month, on June 21st, YouTuber MEMES turinnet posted a video clip of the original video. The post received more than 84,000 views (shown below, right).

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On December 2nd, 2018, Redditor <7> WasteOf10Dollar posted an English-language version of the meme on the /r/PewdiepieSubmissions subreddit. The post received more than 5,100 points (97% upvoted) và 45 comments in nine days (shown below).